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This is a game dev manifesto for #ManifestoJam.

I swear to submit to the following set of rules drawn up and confirmed by DOGME 18:

A game must be made using whatever art assets are on the computer (or associated storage). 2D art and 3D meshes must not be created (if a particular piece of art is necessary for the game, a computer or storage device must be chosen where this art is to be found).

The sound must be produced in-engine, no samples or recordings (Music must not be used unless it is generated from the visuals.)

Animation and camera work must be recorded from the hand. Any movement or immobility attainable in the hand is permitted. Smoothing functions and keyframes are not permitted!

The game must be in colour. Post processing and filters are not acceptable. (If there is too little light a single light can be placed from the viewpoint of the player.)

The game must not contain superficial action. (Murders, weapons, etc. must not occur.)
Temporal and geographical alienation are forbidden. (That is to say that the game takes place here and now.)

The earliest playable build of the game is the most desirable and valuable.

Genre games are not acceptable.

The game must be open source.

The video game producer must not be credited.

Furthermore I swear as a producer to refrain from personal taste! I am no longer an artist. I swear to refrain from creating a “work”, as I regard the instant as more important than the whole. My supreme goal is to force the truth out of my characters and computer. I swear to do so by all the means available and at the cost of any good taste and any aesthetic considerations.

Thus I make my VOW OF CHASTITY.

Melbourne, Monday 12 February 2018

On behalf of DOGME 18

Luke David Budworth Miller

(with apologies to dogme 95)


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